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Our Story


We Absolutely Love What We Do


When you love what you do, you give it your best. Since 2010, we’ve been growing the world’s best flowers, creating the most elegant designs, discovering better solutions for the flower industry, and providing best-in-class service. We go beyond being a vendor, acting as a partner to our valued customers.


We Care For Our Growers


We believe that having strong relationships with our growers is as important as having strong relationships with our customers. Since the beginning, we have maintained a high level of honesty and trust with our partner farms. This bond allows us to provide you, the customer, with the very best product our farms grow.




All our farms are maintained at the highest levels of excellence and have earned the certification of both Veriflora and Florverde



Demonstrate leadership in environmental protection, social responsibility, and quality performance. Veriflora® Sustainably Grown certification provides cut flower and potted plant producers from all over the world with a detailed roadmap to satisfy the emerging market for sustainable products.



Florverde® Sustainable Flowers builds on more than twenty years of experience in developing, promoting and implementing responsible codes of conduct, standards, and sustainable agricultural practices.